Find Out How Much Leafly Charges a Dispensary to Advertise on Their Site?

After much digging, searching, and head scratching it became apparent that Leafly keeps their pricing off of their website. They do disclose on a few price discussion pages in their website and online forum that there are like the other 3rd party dispensary location sites that they offer tiered pricing plans for 3 or so Leafly ad packages.

Leafly Pricing

What Pricing Plans Does Leafly Offer Dispensary Clients?

Leafly “Starter” Plan for Dispensaries

According to Leafly’s pricing page the “Starter” base plan includes:

No extra fees, no “gotchas,” everything you need to get your online store operational.

Leafly “Pro” Pricing Plan for Dispensaries

According to Leafly’s pricing page the “Pro” pricing plan includes:

Amplify your store’s visibility to reach new customers and drive more orders.

On top of the Starter and Pro Plans, Leafly offers additional advertising promotions called “Boosts”. Once again according to Boosts are:

Leafly “BOOST” Ad Pricing for Dispensaries

Go big when you need it with short-term big-time amplification.

With limited availability in each market, Boosts are a serious advantage to get eyes on your business when you need it or want it most.


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