Find Out What It Costs to Advertise Your Marijuana Dispensary on Weedmaps?

Weedmaps Pricing

Although WeedMaps does not publicly disclose their true Dispensary Listing and or Advertising prices — a quick search for WeedMaps pricing yields several cannabis industry blogs that confirm correlating pricing. According to these weed industry blogs most dispensaries can expect to pay between $400 to as much as $1,500/Month. However there are several reports of weed businesses paying upwards of $10,000/month to list their dispensary in select markets such as LA or Denver. These are not confirmed figures.

Why Does WeedMaps Charge So Much?

Because WM’s was in the marijuana dispensary location app game early they have built a large recognizable brand. While WeedMaps SEO and online presence are nothing to write home about their awareness level is high and that’s what they are charging you for.

What Are You Really Getting From WeedMaps Advertising?

You are getting a highly optimized business profile page which average SEO, average Conversion rate optimization, and above average cost. If it were my dispensary I would constantly be reviewing ROI reports to determine if the expensive WeedMaps juice is truly worth the squeeze.

Reports of Dispensaries Paying Upwards of $30K per Month on WeedMaps?!?

According to an article found on IsenseLogic “… a representative who confirmed that some dispensaries in Los Angeles are spending 30,000 a month to be number one on their directory. She explained that Weedmaps started in California and therefore has a larger market share and can demand these higher rates.” Article Link.

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