Where’s weed and other dispensary direction sites work off of very similar business models. Most, if not all, feature a freemium or free version of their dispensary business profile. A new or existing business profile page on Where’s Weed can be claimed at no cost but the “claimed” profile does offer limited functionality and visibility for the business.

Wondering What It Costs to Advertise Your Dispensary on WheresWeed.com?

Wheresweed Pricing

Upgraded packages can be purchased and can run a dispensary between $249 – $1,000/Mon to access the advanced benefits of their expanded programs.

Available Where’s Weed Dispensary Pricing Plans:

  1. CLAIMED – this is their entry level product which can be acquired free of charge and features basic tools and visibility. In fact one of the biggest differences seen between the package is how far out your dispensary GPS location pin will show in distance from your weed store location.
  2. VERIFIED – Starting at $249/Month the verified pricing package from Where’s Weed gives dispensaries 5 miles worth of increased visibility for their dispensary. At this price point other advanced features such as ‘product menus’ are also enabled.
  3. FEATURED – According to Where’s Weed.com their ‘Featured’ package is their most popular. The ‘Featured’ pricing plan from Where’s Weed costs $549/Month. At this price point you gain an additioanl 5 miles of visibility over the Verified plan making for a total of 10 miles. On top of that your business will get several enhancements to the product menu and options to advertising in key website locations on wheresweed.com
  4. PREMIUM – Starting at $999/Month Where’s Weed’s Premium plan represents one of the most expensive in comparison to the other major dispensary location listing sites. Prenium subscribers get 15 miles of dispensary visibility for their dollars.

Other Where’s Weed pricing can be found here on Wheresweed.com.


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