Many Cannabis Industry Investors are acquiring Dispensary Listing Sites¬†is Where’s Weed one of them?

While it is very clear that major cannabis listing sites like Weedmaps and Leafly have had series A, B and several investment rounds, ownership and equity in Where’s Weed remains a mystery to most.

Wheres Weed Investors

Where’s Weed was founded in 2011 and boasts being one of the first premier providers of online search options for marijuana, cbd, and cannabis businesses. Where’s Weed is headquartered in Denver, CO and appears through several internet searches to have exchanged hands once possibly.

The Where’s Weed Linkedin business listing claims to have 14 current employees and nearly 500 followers demonstrating quality social engagement but at smaller volume when compared to Weedmaps’ Linkedin where over 500 employees and nearly 30,000 followers track the business.

Is Where’s Weed a good company to invest in or buy? Only time will tell! But when compared to other digital marketing options available for cannabis dispensaries Where’s Weed ranks high with us.

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