Choosing a CRM or replacing an exisitng one is a activity most cannabis dispensaries will dread and with go reason. Programming your marijuana inventory, integrating core systems like your cannabis Point of Sale (POS), and migrating customer information makes for a highly involved project. Choosing the best dispensary CRM is critical to allow your marijuana business can continue to operate, scale, and thrive seamlessly.

Best Dispensary CRM

Who are the top ranking, top performing CRM systems for Marijuana Dispensaries

There are several major CRMs available but after careful evaluation we believe the 4 Best Dispensary CRM options are:

  1. Sprout CRM
  2. Leaf Buyer
  3. Budtender
  4. TokeIn

Both Sprout CRM, Leaf Buyer, TokeIn and Budtender offer a litany of convenient ways to integrate core Dispensary sales and retention systems. Both offer connection options to pull in sales, quantity, and availability data/ analytics from inventory/menu systems from major places like Dutchie or I Heart Jane. You really can’t go wrong as all 3 offer ala carte solutions to major dispensary crm headaches. The API availability between the best Dispensary CRMs is high. There are large marketplaces and a lot of documentation to help dispensaries new to CRM reach expert user levels quick.

Currently TokeIn is offering a free 1-month trial of their base dispensary CRM software

Does your Dispensary really need a CRM?

The simple answer is “yes”. Everything from lifetime customer value tracking, to profitability analytics, and marketing are all best done using a dispensary CRM. Can your dispensary function without a CRM? Sure. But it will be harder to achieve scale and more challenging to keep existing customers loyal. Having a customers purchase behavior a click away can help your bud tenders make better suggestions for new cannabis products to sample.

In other words “Buy a CRM for your dispensary”. Above you’ll find 4 solid options!

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