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5 Ways to Market Your Dispensary like a Fortune 100 Enterprise

Join CEO & Co-founder, Dan Mondello, to learn the top strategies for marketing your dispensary like a Fortune 100 enterprise. Unlock the secrets used by industry giants to supercharge their sales efforts and gain insights from real-world cannabis industry data and examples to transform your marketing approach.

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Additional Resources

Enhance your understanding with a wealth of supplementary materials. These additional resources provide deeper insights into each of the five marketing strategies, including practical examples and expert tips. Use these materials to further refine and optimize your marketing approach.

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What You'll Learn

1. Understanding Customer Behaviors

Learn data about cannabis customers and why it’s important to build your site around your customer.

2. Strategic Framework & E-commerce First Design

Learn how you should be designing your website with e-commerce in mind.

Leveraging Specials & Seasonality

Discover how to effectively leverage special offers and seasonal promotions to drive customer engagement and sales.

4. Implementing a Holistic Specials Strategy

Learn how to push your specials strategy beyond a specials page and how to implement a top-down approach.

5. Unifying Brand Presence & Customer Engagement

Explore strategies for unifying your brand presence and enhancing customer engagement across all touchpoints.

Meet The Host

Dan Mondello, CEO of Rank Really High

Dan Mondello

CEO & Co-Founder of Rank Really High

A serial entrepreneur, Dan Mondello is the dynamic and charismatic co-founder and CEO at Rank Really High, a fast-moving, eCommerce-first, retail-focused digital marketing firm specializing in cannabis dispensary websites.  Since its inception in April 2021, Rank Really High has staked their claim as one of the highest-performing and fastest-scaling cannabis e-commerce solutions.

Prior to his leadership role at Rank Really High, Dan co-founded Home & Local Services and Dealer Teamwork—both highly awarded in their respective industries and recognized as Google Premier Partners and Microsoft Accredited Businesses. Throughout his impressive career, he has personally managed over $500 million in online advertising investments. A finalist in the 2018 Google Innovation Awards, Dan achieved this honor in the mobile ads category, standing out as one of seven companies awarded this recognition in North and South America. In addition to holding multiple software patents, Dan’s companies have all held Google and Microsoft Premier Partnerships including Rank Really High.