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Rank Really High Careers

Why You SHOULD WORK at Rank Really High

Join us at Rank Really High, where the workplace culture takes center stage. We understand that you’ll likely spend more time with your colleagues than with your own family, so we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating an enjoyable and dynamic work environment. At Rank Really High, we embrace a strong work ethic alongside a vibrant atmosphere. We value fun above all else, recognizing that the cannabis industry should be as enjoyable as the product itself.


Located near Boston, Massachusetts, our headquarters and a satellite office just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota, make Rank Really High easily accessible. We offer a variety of positions, including remote and hybrid options, depending on your experience. We actively seek the most talented individuals to fill our open positions at Rank Really High.


We are currently looking for professionals in various fields, including Cannabis Software Development, Performance Management (Client Services), Onboarding (Account Implementation), Billing, Administration and Sales. If you’re wondering whether your skills align with our needs at RRH, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to have a conversation with you.

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