ALL-NEW Dispensary KIOSK MODE starting at $199/mo … Dispensary Website Packages starting at $999/mo


Rank Really High Dispensary Kiosk Mode

Rank Really High now offers a Dispensary Kiosk that allows dispensaries to easily offer an in-store ordering solution that promotes efficiency, security, and ease of use.


Rank Really High’s Dispensary Kiosk Mode packages start at $199/Mo.*

Dutchie Dispensary Kiosk
Kiosk Mode QR Code

A Unique in-store, customizable purchase experience

Kiosk Mode IMPROVES Cannabis Dispensary in-store order sizes and monetizes your checkout with Ads.

Rank Really High’s Dispensary Kiosk Mode is for medical and recreational dispensaries looking to improve their in-store checkout experience, grow revenues, and increase basket sizes. Our unique checkout flow allows a customer to browse your dispensaries entire inventory on a tablet or touch enabled screen and then once they’re ready to complete their order a QR code fires on screen allowing the customer to complete the purchase on their phone via Dutchie Pay or any other available ACH powered solution! RRH Kiosks can be fully customized to match your Dispensary’s branding exactly and all Kiosks have Google Analytics GA4 installed by default to help you better understand your customer’s purchase behavior.

On top of that Rank Really High Kiosks can be decorated with Surfside display advertising which will will enable your dispensary business to build a new ad-driven revenue stream while allowing your carried cannabis brands to participate in the in-store sales experience. 

Other Key Features include:

  • Our all-new Kiosk mode provides a Dispensary Kiosk experience for in-store ordering
  • Allows for full menu shopping including use of special offers, bundles, and other discounts.
  • Syncs in real-time with your Dutchie, Jane, or POS.
  • Provides checkout experience on customer’s cell phone allowing for cashless in-store transaction

Kiosk Mode

Convert even higher with in-store order mirroring your website
$ 199
  • Customer Mobile Device Check-Out
  • Full Menu Shopping Capability
  • Google Analytics

Reduce The Burden On Staff During Busy Periods

The Cost Effective Dispensary Kiosk Mode

Rank Really High’s Dispensary Kiosk mode allows for a full menu shopping experience including use of specials offers, bundles and other discounts. All syncing in real-time with your POS via the same as your website. Plus, reporting on all aspects including kiosk performance, product and special views.

Bring-Your-Own Device. There’s no need to purchase custom equipment or terminals. Rank Really High’s Dispensary Kiosk mode can work on any device by prompting with a scannable QR code which will transfer their Cart to their phone. From the customers phone they can use ACH solutions to complete the transaction reducing the amount of on hand cash in your dispensary.

*$500 one-time onboarding fee includes Kiosk setup, hosting purchase, and training. Onboarding fee is per store.