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Rank Really High was born in the retail automotive industry where all 3 of our CoFounders and most of our staff all met. In 2018 while running their first company that worked directly with Car Dealerships on their digital marketing efforts, our founders watched longingly as recreational cannabis became legal in Massachusetts — they loved everything they saw until they looked at the dispensaries’ websites and thought OH NO. That day (November 20, 2018) the domain RankReallyHigh.com was registered.

About Rank Really High - Our Story

For several years RankReallyHigh.com lay dormant as our founders continued to kick ass in automotive and other verticals. Rank Really High was resurrected on April 26, 2021 (we tried so hard to register the LLC on 4/20/2021) to become a digital marketing platform for dispensaries.


Rank Really High signed their first dispensary customer a few weeks later and has grown and pivoted their service offerings and technology stack to support over 100 cannabis businesses. And we’re just getting started!

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Rank Really High
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