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Cannabis Dispensary Native Ecommerce Vs. Headless Ecommerce

Dispensary Native Ecommerce
Cannabis Dispensary Native Ecommerce Vs. Headless Ecommerce

Dispensary Native ecommerce vs. Headless Ecommerce… what is the better option?

There is a very hot debate in the cannabis ecommerce space over what the most suitable online menu solutions are for cannabis dispensaries. For several years the most commonly implemented solutions were Iframes which work fine for online ordering but offer little in the way of SEO and content support. In an industry where it’s incredibly hard to engage with traditional digital marketing channels like Google PPC/SEM (paid search) or Social Media Marketing does it really make sense to hide your brands and products from search engines? Probably Not.

Dispensary Ecommerce Subdomains and Proxy DNS

More recently Subdomains and proxy DNS solutions have become more commonplace and while these certainly do offer more SEO than the Cannabis Dispensary Iframe they still fall short of offering a fully integrated solution. At Rank Really High we’ve partnered with companies that offer Headless Cannabis ecommerce solution which we use to implement native ecommerce for dispensaries. We firmly believe this is the future.

What is Native Ecommerce?

Native Ecommerce refers to a traditional approach where the entire ecommerce system, including the frontend and backend, is built within a single platform. This means that the ecommerce functionality is tightly integrated with the dispensary’s website and content management system (CMS). In this setup, the dispensary owner typically uses a pre-built ecommerce solution or a dedicated ecommerce platform specifically designed for dispensaries.

What is Headless Ecommerce?

Headless Ecommerce, on the other hand, separates the frontend and backend of the ecommerce system. The frontend, which is responsible for the user interface and customer experience, is decoupled from the backend, which handles the business logic and data management. In a headless setup, the dispensary owner can choose a CMS for managing content and then use a separate ecommerce platform or API to handle the ecommerce functionality. This allows for more flexibility and customization in the frontend, as well as the ability to integrate with multiple channels and devices.

What is better for my dispensary Native Ecommerce or Headless?

When it comes to choosing between native ecommerce and headless ecommerce for dispensaries, there are a few factors to consider:

  1. Flexibility and customization: Headless ecommerce offers greater flexibility in terms of design and frontend development. With separate frontend and backend systems, you can customize the user interface and customer experience to better align with your dispensary’s branding and unique requirements.
  2. Integration and scalability: Headless ecommerce allows for easier integration with third-party systems and services. This can be beneficial if you need to connect your ecommerce platform with other tools such as inventory management, CRM, or marketing automation systems. Headless architecture also provides scalability, as you can add or remove functionalities without affecting the entire system.
  3. Development resources and expertise: Native ecommerce solutions often provide a more user-friendly and streamlined experience since everything is built within a single platform. This can be advantageous if you have limited technical resources or lack in-house development expertise.
  4. Time and cost: Headless ecommerce may require more development effort and resources initially, as it involves setting up and maintaining separate frontend and backend systems. However, it can provide long-term cost savings and faster time-to-market for new features and updates.

Ultimately, the choice between native ecommerce and headless ecommerce depends on your dispensary’s specific needs, resources, and growth plans. Consider factors such as customization requirements, integration capabilities, technical expertise, and budget to make an informed decision. Rank Really High’s software engineers plan to continue development on headless ecommerce APIs which we will pull into our Dispensary website platforms to form Native Ecommerce. This is where we believe the best value is realized.