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Elevate Your Success: The Power of Effective Dispensary Specials 

Dispensary Specials on a Rank Really High website
Elevate Your Success: The Power of Effective Dispensary Specials 

In the competitive landscape of cannabis dispensary e-commerce, a standing out online is key to success. With Rank Really High’s cutting-edge features and strategic insights, dispensaries can take their digital strategy to new heights. In this blog, we’ll explore how harnessing dispensary specials and deals can be a game-changer, significantly impacting traffic, fostering brand loyalty, and improving dispensary SEO for lasting success.


1. Unleashing the Dispensary Specials Advantage

Rank Really High understands the pivotal role of specials in the cannabis industry. By strategically aligning specials with key holidays like 420, 710, and Green Wednesday, dispensaries using this platform have witnessed staggering increases in traffic, sales, and conversion rates. The statistics from Green Wednesday alone are a testament to the transformative power of specials for your dispenary:

  • Single day Users Increased by 95%
  • Single Day Online Sales Revenue Increased by 85%
  • Conversion Rate Jumped 22% on Green Wednesday


But the strategy extends beyond cannabis-specific holidays. Dispensaries can refresh their homepage with monthly specials tied to broader occasions such as the changing seasons, nationwide events, traditional holidays like Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July, and Halloween, retail holidays like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and more. This dynamic approach mirrors major retailers, creating a vibrant and engaging online experience. Check out Target in January; you’ll most likely see specials and deals around winter, the Super Bowl, and Valentine’s Day. Follow suit with your dispensary specials and have your customers checking your specials all year long!

target featured sales ready for kick off

target featured sales for valentines day


2. Monthly Themes for Maximum Impact

Dispensaries can enhance their specials by crafting bundles that align with themes resonating with their audience. Whether it’s a ‘Sleep Bundle’ boasting bedtime gummies, indica strains, and lavender aromas, or a ‘Sports Recovery Bundle’ featuring high-CBD products, pain relief THC rubs, and energizing workout gummies, these curated bundles introduce a creative flair to the shopping experience.

Creating special bundles to add to cart

Here’s a hot tip: Adding your highest selling products to your bundles plays a vital role in fostering brand loyalty and enhancing customer engagement.


3. SEO: The Rank Really High Edge

Rank Really High takes a unique approach to SEO by categorizing each product with its own URL. Inspired by successful practices in the automotive industry, this meticulous categorization ensures that every product, special, or bundle is individually indexed by search engines. The result? Improved discoverability, higher rankings, and increased visibility for dispensaries. Each product’s unique URL enables search engines to index and rank them individually, contributing to enhanced SEO and overall online visibility.


4. Showcase Your Specials, Deals, and Bundles on the HOMEPAGE

Strategically placing specials tied to holidays, monthly themes, and broader occasions becomes a powerful traffic-driving strategy. Using our platform, dispensaries can consistently update their homepage with enticing specials, attracting more visitors, encouraging exploration, and increasing the likelihood of purchases. The homepage, being the most popular entry point for customers, becomes a dynamic showcase of the best deals. Rank Really High enables dispensaries to seamlessly integrate specials and bundles directly into the homepage, transforming it into an opportunity to captivate customers.


5. Blog Embedding: A Fusion of Information and e-Commerce

Dispensaries often use blogs for product recommendations or reviews. Rank Really High’s Native ecommerce play allows for easy embedding of products within blog content. For specials and bundles, this means dispensaries can showcase curated selections directly within informative blog posts, providing customers with valuable insights while optimizing SEO for specific products. Customers can then add these products directly to their cart for a seamless checkout experience. Highlight your specials with a blog post every month and keep your customers informed.

Finding Haven embedded products on blog
Example: Finding Haven’s embedded products on blog


Elevate your dispensary’s success today by leveraging the power of dispensary specials with Rank Really High’s native ecommerce solution. Book a demo with us today and discover how our platform can transform your online experience.