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Join Rank Really High’s own Alex Abrams and Grant Barton at Necann NJ 2023

Rank Really High Stars Alex and Grant at Necann NJ 2023
Join Rank Really High’s own Alex Abrams and Grant Barton at Necann NJ 2023

Are you heading to Necann NJ 2023 in Atlantic City, New Jersey? So are we! Rank Really High’s own Alex Abrams, the Director of Strategic Sales, and Grant Barton, Executive Sales Manager, will be on the NECANN NJ conference floor, at the parties and out and about. These dynamic professionals  will leave their mark at Necann New Jersey 2023, held in vibrant Atlantic City.

When and Where is Necann New Jersey 2023?

Necann New Jersey 2023, a highly anticipated event in the industry, brings together key players, enthusiasts, and experts in the cannabis sector. This convention provides a platform for networking, learning, and showcasing innovative products and services. With the legalization of cannabis gaining momentum across the United States, this event holds significant importance.

This Cannabis B2B conference event takes place in Atlantic City, New Jersey on September 8th – 9th from 10am – 3pm. 

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Meet the newest additions to Rank Really High’s Growing Strategic Sales Team: Alex Abrams and Grant Barton

Alex Abrams: Director of Strategic Sales

Alex Abrams, renowned for his strategic prowess in sales, has been a driving force behind Rank Really High’s success. With an extensive background in crafting and implementing winning sales strategies, Abrams has consistently exceeded targets and set new benchmarks in the industry. His ability to analyze market trends, anticipate customer needs, and lead his team with precision has earned him a stellar reputation.

Grant Barton: Executive Sales Manager

Grant Barton, the Executive Sales Manager at Rank Really High, is another remarkable addition to the team. Known for his exceptional interpersonal skills and innate understanding of client relations, Barton has been instrumental in forging lasting partnerships and expanding the company’s clientele. His leadership style, coupled with his deep industry knowledge, has propelled the sales team to new heights.

NECANN New Jersey 2023 Conference Networking Opportunities

Necann NJ 2023 Atlantic City

Necann NJ 2023 provided an ideal backdrop for Abrams and Barton to build meaningful connections. They leveraged networking events to interact with industry leaders, potential clients, and collaborators. Their ability to establish rapport and convey the value of Rank Really High’s offerings was evident in the engaging conversations they fostered.

NECANN New Jersey FAQs

  1. What is Necann New Jersey 2023? Necann New Jersey 2023 is a prominent convention that gathers professionals and enthusiasts from the cannabis sector to network and showcase innovations.
  2. Who is Alex Abrams? Alex Abrams is the Director of Strategic Sales at Rank Really High, known for his exceptional sales strategies and leadership.
  3. What is Grant Barton’s role at Rank Really High? Grant Barton is the Executive Sales Manager at Rank Really High, recognized for his interpersonal skills and client relationship management.
  4. How did Alex Abrams and Grant Barton contribute to Necann NJ 2023? They contributed by sharing insights in seminars, showcasing innovations at their booth, and leveraging networking opportunities.
  5. What sets Rank Really High’s sales approach apart? Rank Really High’s sales approach stands out due to its personalized strategies and deep understanding of client needs.