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Rank Really High X Alleaves

Eliminate the Blind Spots. What is Alleaves POS? Grow your business with confidence, and drive growth with a real-time, transparent seed-to-sale tracking and ERP platform that operators can leverage and policymakers can trust.

Alleaves Ecommerce Integration with Rank Really High

Alleaves Is Trusted By Us

Build Your Alleaves Dispensary eCommerce Website with Rank Really High

Rank Really High offers our tried and true Dispensary native eCommerce websites built on Alleaves POS APIs. Our All Leaves Dispensary eCommerce websites features all of the great solutions of other Rank Really High built websites but using our Brand New Alleaves POS Integration for Native eCommerce. Alleaves Dispensary eCommerce websites are top rated and provide substantial SEO and conversions benefits over traditional iFrame, subdomain and proxy DNS related solutions.


Wield unparalleled control of your cannabis business. Tap into the productivity of your business regardless of location or level of integration with mobile, real-time monitoring. Ensure quality/cost control and optimize your business’ flow from anywhere by having your standard procedures built into our platform, creating a system of KPI-backed alerts.


Connect sales with cultivation for data driven growth planning. Extend past the standards of seed-to-sale using an ERP system with the ability to enhance the transparency and efficiency of product creation and labor flows, customized entirely to your individual needs. Bolster team member efficiency with connected expectations and guidelines and integrate with a wide variety of third party platforms to provide a single pane of glass for all users.


View reports specific to each system/role, customizable as you see fit. Deliver the correct information to the appropriate roles using our clear, concise, and custom-made user interfaces, furthering the success of your business. Visualize curated business rules and define thresholds based on key performance indicators to cover any and all blind spots.


Prevent and protect your company from making any potential compliance violation. Drive compliance efforts by utilizing the power of live, operational oversight to adapt to the needs of any location-specific cultivation process, recreational and medical systems, and state regulatory standards as they continue to grow and evolve. Qualify these efforts with immediate interlaced notifications for any potential risk factors.

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