With the countless online ad restrictions imposed by the major social media and search advertising platforms dispensaries need to examine solutions off the beaten path. One of our standout recommendations is Waze.com

Yes, Waze the social GPS platform where you can let other Waze users know we’re the fuzz is hiding or report accidents. Waze offers a location based visual ads platform that could allow weed dispensary businesses visibility.

Waze Advertising for Marijuana Dispensaries

Whether your ad is designed to trigger drivers driving by your dispensary or competitor dispensaries Waze offers a great way to entice nearby customers.

The ads program from Waze is powered and owned by Google and is one of the most cost effective ways to advertise locally digitally.

Typical Waze ad accounts can be funded as cheaply as $2 per day investments. If you’re interested in learning more about opportunities with Waze ads please reach out. See how Waze Ads could be the perfect fit for your dispensary’s growth plan.

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