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How Much Does a Marijuana Dispensary Website Cost to Build?

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How Much Does a Marijuana Dispensary Website Cost to Build?

How to Find a Good Marijuana/ Cannabis Dispensary Website Development Company

There are many factors that go into determining the cost to build or design a marijuana dispensary website. Presently there are over 20 companies found using a quick Google Search claiming to be expert marijuana dispensary website designers but how can you tell they’re experts? This post lists some easy ways to spot the best marijuana or cannabis website design companies and agencies. Cost to build an effective cannabis dispensary website will vary greatly between the cheap route of DIYing it to hiring a seasoned professional to custom design you a one of a kind site (most expensive).


For most marijuana dispensary businesses this third option will be attractive, buy from a cannabis website design company. Doing it this way you will see that they all charge around the same fees. Typically this is how Marijuana Websites are priced:

  • Base between $999 – $2,999/Mo
  • Medium between $2,999 – $6,999/Mo
  • Pro between $6,999 – $10,999/Mo


Finding the best Cannabis Dispensary, Marijuana Store website developer tips.


Tip #1: How Good is Their Dispensary SEO package?

Most modern website companies promise great, out-of-the box SEO but how can you tell? A good starting point is to Google their business see what they show up for and how their search results look in comparison with other Marijuana web development companies.

  • What do the search results look like when you Google the businesses name?
    • Do multiple pages and social properties owned or managed by the business display?
    • Do they have a Google my Business page/
  • What non-branded search terms do they hold high rankings for?
    • Are they ranking for things like Dispensary SEO or Marijuana Digital Marketing?
    • Who outranks them on key non-branded searches?
  • Dispensary Businesses deal with local customers, what is their local SEO strategy?


Tip #2: What Marijuana Inventory, Products Solution(s) do they offer?

Seamless product, inventory is essential to building a successful online marijuana dispensary business. Knowing this what does the web provider your considering offer for managing skus?

  • Does your dispensary web developer offer an inventory management solution?
    • Is the solution owned by them or embedded into the site via an iframe? This can impact SEO opportunities.
    • Does the product management solution accommodate both multiple product lines?
    • What kind of analytics are available to see the effectiveness of the inventory display page layout?


Tip #3: How Do Others Rate The Web Developer on Review and Ratings sites?

I know this one is pretty obvious but seeing others having good or bad experiences can be foretelling of experiences you might expect to have. So check the review sites to ensure this business is really a good choice.

  • Check Customer Review sites and take inventory of their ratings
    • Google My Business
    • Yelp
    • Facebook
    • Linkedin
  • Don’t forget to check to see that their employees are happy. Pissed off developers don’t stick around long and if they do that isn’t great either
    • Glassdoor
    • Facebook
    • Linkedin
  • How big is there business?
    • Take notice of fan base and like sizes this can be indicative of how well regarded they are.

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